Join four very different men, who find themselves thrown together in the woodland. There’s Kyle, a city boy, stuck in the woods on community service, who really prefers birds in skirts to those up trees, and Colin, a nature loving vegan with a penchant for barbecued chaffinch. They are joined by Rex, a modern day shamanic force with a love of disco and Sorrel, dark, glittering and falling down through the layers of himself and his family Tree…

With free mulled cider in tin mugs, tree disco and tours of invisible woodlands, a group of men lead us out beyond our window boxes to where the wildness really lies. Going deeper and deeper into the forests of ourselves and our beliefs, exploring the known places we inhabit, to the unknown ones we long to. We ask what in our wi- fi, hi-fi lives have we forgotten? Deep down, do we still need nature? In our information world, in our cultured times, have we lost the remembrance of how lovely it was, simply, to go for a walk? And what on a deeper level do we really believe in now that there is opportunity to believe in everything?

Conceived and Directed: Sally Marie
Devised and Performed: Christopher Knight, Dominick Mitchell Bennett, Leon Smith, Dan Watson
Sonic Composer: Fred De Fraye
Scenography and Lighting Design: Andy Hamer
Costume Design: Valentina Golfieri
Original research for Tree: Kip Johnson
Company photographer: Dominic Farlan

‘Tree, as a piece, was tender, funny and emotive and I have no hesitation in recommending this company and show to other programmers and producers’ Kerry Andrews. Arts Depot

We will be touring Tree form April 2015. If interested in the production, please contact us on

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