The Extra

A small Requiem for a friendship.

Everyone has lost someone they love, whether by death or goodbye.
 Sepia Dazed, via a string of gin and tonics and dances with invisible party guests, one woman attempts to re-integrate herself into a technicolor world she no longer feels part of.

Extra special

Extra fresh

Extra curricular

Extra Ordinary

Extra to requirements..

A bitter sweet comedy with a side order of suicide.

Directed and Performed by Sally Marie
Lighting and Design by Andy Hamer
Music: Mozart, Keith Jarrett
Performed initially at Resolution and then at The Linbury Royal Opera House, 2007


Sally is the kind of hybrid dance – theatre equivalent of the kind of character actress who
 engenders such communal love that audiences turn her into a star.
 The Extra epitomizes honest exhibitionism and heart on sleeve charm.
Dance Europe

No fear in exploration, no fear in communication, Sally Marie’s brave and lonely The Extra 
delves into the depths of bereavement, grief and awkwardness.
 Marie’s fidgets, jiggles, sobs, shifts and dodges are hers, mine and everyone’s, vivid,
human and truthful.
Katie Burrell