From Mum to Mum from Me

From Mum to Mum from Me

A beautifully touching solo, smothered in a deliciously deep icing of turns, jumps, spins and smiles. Yet the icing begins to crack. The dance drifts and slips, sliding away or reveal the deeper fears beneath.

‘I remember this tiny volcanic island I grew up on; black towering claustrophobic rocks, friendly little white coves and deep blue waves with their invisible undertow, ready to pull me away.The solo looked at fear because I am a fearful person. It examined our need to be loved and what embarrassing ends we will go to achieve that. I was interested too in our ancestors that flow through us as individuals and a past that both inhibits and inhabits us.’


A cherishable addition to the too small ranks of dance comedians. And what a face. Full of expressive vulnerability, it drew drew you into her patchwrok memoir, From Mum to Mum
from Me, with a sense of wide eyed wonder and disarming candour, Sally Marie posses
that rare thing in dance circles: stage presence, Definitely one to watch.
Keith Watson, Evening Standard

Already Resolution has hosted some excellent solos, each spotlighting someone in an emotional extremity. Yet there is joy in these works, not least generated by the maker’s idiosyncratic talents. In from Mum to Mum from Me, Sally Marie exposed her knack for humorous human expression. ┬áMarie’s generosity extended to the handmade cake she shared with an audience already disarmed by her special onstage talents.
Dance Europe

It was like a dance standup show, but more sophisticated and genuine.
Frank Borghese

A reaffirming experience, exquisitely observed and performed with insatiable energy and conviction. Funny and slight and not self indulgent, yet overwhelmingly present.
Rajni Shah