Dulce et Decorum

Dulce et Decorum is about war,
As seen through the eyes of four lost Samaritans, who eat alot of ice cream
They long to escape their dull civic lives, their isolated hearts
To fly, to be free, to be friends
Away from their land of hope without glory
Through raindrops and teardrops
To sweetness and honour

Lets hope the weather’s nice.

Directed by Sally Marie
Scenography by Andy Hamer
Lighting by

Dancers: Kath Duggan, Meline Danielewicz, Sarah Storer, Sally Marie
Second Cast: Rebecca Steele, Rachael Mosson Suzie Robindon
Pianist: Brian Ellsbury


This Dance Theatre piece is clever, funny, serious and filled with a cornucopia of bright

ideas that veer from comedy to pathos. Dulce et Decorum is a delight of hope filled games and ironic joys. It includes bunting, a huge parachute, manoeuvres with umbrellas replacing rifles – and free ice cream.
Allen Robertson, The Times

Sweetshop Revolution’s work demonstrates how we have painted over the distasteful,
decorated our hero’s and covered up the ugly images of war, in a comic and intelligent
manner, a must see performance.
Libby Costello, Londondance.com

The seven man team has it all; originality, anarchy, wit and heartbreak realised by talented
performers who know how to put it across. Supporters gave Dulce et Decorum a standing ovation.
Jeffry Taylor, Sunday Express

For a first big work, it shows depth, maturity, eclecticism, innovation and a great sense of fun.
Graham Watts. Ballet.co.uk