BEAUTiFUL – research period.

Sweetshop Revolution’s new work, BeautifuL explores love and sexuality from the point of view of women; what is fantasised about, desired and permissible within the complex web of social structures, expectation and cultural history. Five extraordinary female dancers lead us through their own experience, celebrating women’s solidarity and taking femininity to a more truthful place.

We live in a time when people can be gender fluid or polyamorous, perhaps as a freedom from identity and stereo-typing. This piece is a doorway into a dialogue about how women and men are experiencing relationships, sexuality and the body right now. There will be a laying out of? images, movement, thoughts, humour, darkness and light. And at the heart of the piece lies the question, how is it we love now and how has it changed?



BeautifuL rehearsal images by Dominic Farlam

Dance Artists: Tal Weinstein, Carys Staton, Amelia Forrest, Rebecca Bassett Graham.

Photography Research: Daniel Whiley, Tania Dimbelolo