Workshops for Older People

So far as part of our research we have led a number of workshops in hospices, which have
all been warmly received. For our next research phase, we plan to go deeper into what we
are offering in various settings, from hospices to care homes to hospitals. During her time
with Protein Dance, sally was lucky enough to be a part of three workshops at St Thomas’s
hospital, working with the children there individually and in groups. This was a real source
of inspiration going forward, as to how movement can transform the the present moment /
and the overall joy and energy within a person. Its’ also deeply connecting and great fun.
We have performed our shows and taken excerpts onto the wards on a number of
occasions at The Chelsea and Westminster hospital. And will soon begin working with an
expert in palliative care at The Brompton Hospital as well.
Not only does dance do wonderful things for fitness, it’s also a brilliant way to combat
loneliness and depression.
If you have an interest in developing a movement workshop programme in your care
home, hospice, or hospital, do please get in touch.