The Mother

The Mother was a new project for Sweetshop Revolution earlier this year, in which Sally had found an old YMCA near Glasgow for under 100k.

She hoped that it could become a home for independent dance and theatre artists and a centre for creativity across different art forms; a place where artists could be free to make work. And where international artists could visit via residencies with performances in the theatre and residential accommodation provided. It was to have been equally be a place for local community to learn and experience new things as well.

A restaurant on site as well as pop up shops were to have helped fund its ongoing costs, as well as wide variety of classes for the community and focused spaces for artists to create work. The Mother was to have been a place where people could ‘learn, eat , drink, have fun, meet new folk and CREATE.’ With classes in Martial Arts, Cookery, Gardening, Piano, Jive, Yoga, Wine tasting, DIY, Photography, Circuit Training, Changing Direction, a Re-Imagining a room, Pottery, Singing in a choir, Writing, Netball, Bread- making, Boules, Dance, Life Drawing or Trampolining, Football Training, Football, Basket ball, Badminton, Chess, Table Football, DIY, Boxing, Ballet, Hip Hop, How to Read, How to get off drugs, Coping with benefits, Having a laugh, Menu planning on a budget. And included would have been a creche, a cinema, somewhere to get your makeup done in a beauty room and a pop up shop to buy Scottish crafts as well as osteopathy and massage.

You will note that this post is in past tense! Funding could not be garnered in time. And it turned out too, that not enough artists wanted to travel outside of the city as well. And so for now this particular dream has to sleep.. although the company is always open to options in terms of places to work and create. A place that could be called home.

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