New Show – I’m Not Dead, I’m Only Sleeping

Here is the company’s new show. We did some initial research in Autumn 2018 and are now heading into a further research period before we go into production next year. The dancers you see here are Thomasin Gulgec, Rita Carpinteiro, Manuela Sarcone and Omar Gorden. And will be looking for another 3-4 dancers for the production in 2018 which starts rehearsal in April of next year we hope with touring continuing through the Autumn. There will be some video clips from the first few days of rehearsal on Sweetshop Revolution’s Facebook page.

Here is a description of the new show..

A dance theatre piece exploring how an imminent death may change the way we choose to live.

How are we living now? What would we change if we were given just months, weeks, days to live? I’m not Dead, I’m only Sleeping is a dance theatre production which explores the way we choose to live and die. It traverses feelings around death with the longing to live more fully in the moment. The audience follow the lives of four people
as they face death (both literal and metaphorical) within their relationships. This tender, provocative new work is about love, devotion, loss, memory and resolution. It talks to the importance of connection at times of adversity and how we shouldn’t wait for death to reignite our relationship with life.

A key focus of the work, is how to use a clearer and more accessible narrative than is usual within dance theatre. We think that work is more deeply accessed if we can feel each person’s journey through a tangible story. The work will use movement, text and other narrative devices such as voiceover, evoking the past and present, internal and external. Text will be used to frame scenes and also layered within an original sound score.

Dance theatre is particularly well-suited to this subject matter as the body is a living, breathing thing which can express huge life through physicality, as well as the ‘inanimate’.