Sweetshop Revolution’s new show – research period into the making.

We’ve finished our first research project for the new show and hope to go into the second in June.  And then into the making in November. We are tour booking now for Spring 2018.

Sweetshop Revolution’s new work, BeautifuL (working title) explores love and sexuality from the point of view of women; what is fantasised about, desired and permissible within the complex web of social structures, expectation and cultural history. Five extraordinary female dancers lead us through their own experience, celebrating women’s solidarity and taking femininity to a more truthful place.

We live in a time when people can be gender fluid or polyamorous, perhaps as a freedom from identity and stereo-typing. This piece is a doorway into a dialogue about how women and men are experiencing relationships, sexuality and the body right now. There will be a laying out of? images, movement, thoughts, humour, darkness and light. And at the heart of the piece lies the question, how is it we love now and how has it changed?

Promo from our first research showing: https://vimeo.com/207454606

Feedback from the first research showing

‘You have an amazing cast there, and any piece with them will be interesting and intriguing because of the quality and quiet intensity of these performers. I think there are some great ideas here.’ Eckhard Thiemann, Programming Associate- Dance, The Lowry

‘I was deeply moved by the honesty and richness of the movement, emotionally charged yet in no way “staged” or clichéd. The fragility and strength of this extraordinary group of women is captivating, this is refreshingly personal, authentic, communicative and sensitive work and Sally Marie’s sincerity shines through – I am so excited to see where this journey ends.’

Hannah Myers, Producer, Stone Nest

‘It seems to me that that this piece has the potential to be a mysterious, yet revelatory experience for adventurous audiences interested in the ways that women’s bodies, minds and souls work. Sally’s gift for drawing out the best in dancers as all-round performers will serve her well, enabling her to unify a carefully-chosen cast of distinct individuals who can still function as a powerful ensemble. Their collective goal? To offer arresting, sometimes playful insights into how we got to where we are today.’
Donald Hutera, Dance writer (The Times), Curator and Dramaturg