Recent Reviews and New Show

Sally has just finished her Sadler’s Wells / Place commission, in association with Company of Angels and MOKO. It was also part of a double bill with John Ross Dance which was part of as well and performed at The Place and Liliyan Baylis.


Sally Marie’s I am 8 is a delightful coming-of-age piece that builds from there all the way through until they become 21. For 6 girls and a boy, the subject of much interest, it features a Frank Moon soundtrack that punctuates cameo scenes of love, quarrels, suspicion of the opposite sex, going wild and the narrated announcements of what they want in life. One audience comment was that “The dancing was like a dance rainbow.’ Dance Tabs

The sophisticated and joyful standout of the afternoon was Sally Marie’s I am 8, a tiny epic with a soaring music box inspired score by Frank Moon. Opening with a little girl informing her teddy that she still loves him, but now that she’s eight she won’t be seeing as much of him any more, obviously foreshadowing the “let’s just be friends” dialogues of dating life; the piece works on multiple levels to lovingly reveal the subjective identities of both the children Marie interviewed for the project and the young adult dancers with whom she co-created it. London


We are still booking for I loved you and I loved you in Autumn 2015 and are going into production in June 2015 we hope. We have just received our commissioning funds from Coreo Cymru and await news on our Arts Council application. If you are interested in booking you can look at some video in The Works section of the site here. Please contact Sally Marie on

The Nice Movement is also open for business. It is an online shop where 100% of profits from this go to a fund to support dancers with essential professional development and networking opportunities to enable them to further their careers.

The typical professional dancer in this country has already completed over 15 years of training by the time they start their professional careers in their late teens or early twenties, yet the majority of freelance dancers earn often anything between £14,000 and £18,000 per year, which is not sufficient to do more than really scrape by. Professional dancers too, often have to hold down multiple part-time jobs at any time in order to sustain their dance careers.

Further training is an essential part of every dancer’s professional life, with dancers expected to take daily professional class; as we all need to develop and grow, so workshops are also very important to enable people to learn new skills, learn from some of the leading names in this industry, and also network with their peers – often resulting in offers of work. Unfortunately, many dancers struggle to meet the costs of regular class, much less career-transforming workshops.

In its initial stages, The Nice Movement will offer dancers bursaries to contribute towards the cost of attending workshops and auditions; as the fund grows, we will aim to provide emerging choreographers with producers who will support their work and ongoing development.

If you would like to support our work, please purchase items from our shop, or contact us to explore other ways of support, including donations and sponsorship.

All products in the store are handmade and have been selected by Sally from UK-based artisans. The current theme of the shop at present is nature, as the newest work the company Sweetshop Revolution is called Tree.