Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Beach

IMG_1877 On our last night in Croatia, we all went to the ┬ábeach in Rijeka. Chris had just had his cast off…

Lovely in Lemon

IMG_2251A lemon top Chris found at the back of the studio. Chris made a great woman!



In a single afternoon, entitled WILD, the piece went from a 12 to a 16. When I read over the list of what we remembered it read like this. A few things still remain.

Wild Trees. Trees not alive

Dom is chasing Dan into

Punching violence because Dan will not hit you

Leaf catching

Teradactical while Dom eats himself and leon is chalking and chris is waiting to ice ice sofa

Dom has run back, going from punching into loving the wall

Happy birthday/ birthday fucking / nipple sucking

Cows Swamp Rubic All together Big Sliding, everyone sperms, birth canal into simple

Wall Stroking

Clockwork fucking

Why do you always call me Carl

Vivaldi disco, pulling down Trees.

Shag into Boundaries talk

Dom girl

Lollipop stripping muscle

Taping small worlds

Conceptual art

Becoming men